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afghanistan filed by u.s. forces during a five-year period have been leaked to the internet. there is anger about that security breach, and about the revelations of how u.s. allies are allegedly helping the taliban. as nbc bay area's steve handlesman explains, an anti-war online group is attacking u.s. policy and they are the culprit of the leak. >> reporter: made public for classified intelligence and action reports, filed by u.s. forces in afghanistan from '04 to '09. troops worried about local support, worried about civilian deaths. 90,000 reports like these four released online by >> it's war. it's one damn thing after another. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian asange claims u.s. involvement sill legal. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in this material. >> reporter: leaks detail how pakistani intelligence, the isi, allegedly helped the taliban and how the anti-american jihad was allegedly still being advised recently by former isi commander general hamid ghul. pakistan playing both sides, u.s. forces doubting they can win separately but claimed today tha
up to be a day of financial relief for more than 250,000 californians. the u.s. senate will likely vote to extend federal unemployment benefits. but for a growing number of jobless workers who have exhausted their benefits even extensions won't help anymore. president obama wanted to put a face on the desperation of the unemployed. three faces, in fact. obama described his guests as middle class americans and said they shouldn't be used as hostages by senate republicans who have been holding up an extension of unemployment benefits. >> after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit, the same people who didn't have any problems spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are now saying we shouldn't offer relief to middle class americans like jim or leslie or denise who really need help. >> they've needed help since may when benefits expired for 2.5 million americans. that number includes 268,000 californians. another 147,000 workers in the state have exhausted their 99-week maximums and won't be helped
was among four u.s. troops killed in afghanistan earlier this week. 21-year-old chase stanley died wednesday in southern afghanistan. the department of defense says stanley and others were riding in a military vehicle when an explosive device went off. as of today nearly 1,100 troops died in afghanistan, pakistan and uzbekistan. >>> it is not apple gailt from the big man himself. apple fought back today inviting reporters to its headquarters to explain why its newest iphone is good to go just in need of a little accessory. among those there, business and tech reporter scott budman. was jobs convincing today? >> reporter: well, it depends on who you ask. i watched the stock price on wall street as jobs spoke and apple price went up. customers say for the most part they are happy with the iphone 4. the four has been a success in. three weeks we've seen 3 million sales. jobs trumpeting that but admitting it's not perfect and admitting that the antenna had some problems even calling it antennagate. how to solve those problems and move forward away from this bad press? well, jobs laid out three t
illegally should not expect equal protection. >> reporter: this woman wasn't planning on staying in the u.s. long. she came 17 years ago with her parents to learn english. after seeing the opportunities here, plans changed. >> they left their family, everything that we had so that i could finish high school here and then go to university. >> reporter: she says after their visas expired, her parents struggled for years to find work. eventually she got married and was able to sponsor them. >> for the first time in 17 years i can breathe deep and know that they're okay. the sad part is that working in the community i hear every day from the ladies that i work with and the schools and the communities, oh, they took my husband. what am i going to do? >> reporter: she is now a community organizer, focusing on getting the controversial arizona immigration law repeeled. >> arizona has a broken immigration system. trop day a judge blocked the most controversial parts of the law from taking effect now. not everyone sees this as a victory. >> we're a nation of laws and we have to uphold the laws. othe
to have an impact it this summer, had reached out to the attorney general's office, the u.s. attorney, he's calling a meeting in the month of august. >> reporter: that's even got the ear of u.s. attorney general eric holder when he was in the bay area in may. he says he promised to bring resources to oakland to help stop violence. but for porter that all sounds good, but he would like to see him reach out more to the community. >> if they're going to have a commitment to community policing, they need to include the community in that process. the community has been eliminated for the past i'd say five years. >> reporter: well, in addition to the band you're listening to right now in front of city hall, there is a council meeting going on right now. tonight they're going to discuss taxation on medical marijuana and seven ballot measures that may appear on the november ballot to bring about money to bring back police officers. i'm told it might be a long night. >> reporter:ing live in oakland, cheryl heard bay area news. >>> police are investigating a man who went to it elaborate lengths to
. u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner said letting the tax cuts expire is the right thing to do but he wants to retain the tax cut for the middle class. the republicans say if the tax cuts for the rich go away, they'll take more jobs with them. >> only in washington, d.c., would anyone believe that raising taxes creates more jobs. they know we can't tax and spend our way back to a growing economy. >> i think it is fair and good policy to allow those tax cuts that only go to 2% to 3% of the highest earners in the country to expire as scheduled. >> reporter: that leaves republicans and fiscally conservative democrats with a tough choice. keep the tax cuts for the rich, that is and risk the anger of the middle class in this election year. >>> the days are ticking down until arizona's controversial new immigration law takes effect on thursday. the legal fight is far from over. on friday there were two sfr separate hearings in phoenix that attracted hundreds of protesters. they claim the law would undermine u.s. foreign policy and that immigration is a federal, not state responsibili
to support her. the nurses association has endorsed jerry brown for governorn the race for u.s. senate, barbara boxer has a clear financial advantage over her rival. republican candidate carly fiorina reported her campaign had just $953,000 in the bank as of june 30th. the former hewlett packard ceo gave her campaign $5.5 million for the june 8 primary but provided no personal money since then. boxer reported she has $11.3 million at the end of june. she is trying to win a fourth term as u.s. senator. >>> a third body was recovered from the surf near point ray after a boat capsized yesterday. authorities haven't released the name of the latest victim. we know if identities of the two men recovered yesterday. the coroner's office says the two men drown when their sportfishing boat was hit by a wave. one was from river bank california and the other from arkansas. neither man was wearing a life jacket. one man is still missing. >>> the golden state warriors do have new ownership, and it is not the person many were expecting to take the reigns. lauren scott is here. what a surprise this on
: in sacramento, kevin riggs, neighbors bay area news. >>> with the u.s. senate voting to extend unemployment benefits today, california's long-term unemployed will be getting checks again soon. the measure is expected to sail through congress and be signed by president obama as early as thursday. that is good news for 400,000 californians whose benefits began running out seven weeks ago. >> as we've been keeping track of these people, we should be able to respond pretty quickly. checks as early as next week for some people and then following pretty quickly there after for others. >>> california's unemployment rate has edged lower for three straight months but still stands at 12.3%, the third highest state unemployment rate in the nation. >>> president obama confronted uk prime minister david cameron today. the president wants information about how the libyan convicted of downing pan am flight 103 in 1988 was freed last year allegedly after bp intervened. president obama and british prime minister david cameron mostly agreed about lockerbie. pan am flight 103 crashed in that scottish town in
else in the country. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says workers here earn about 20% more than the national average. it's the second consecutive year the bay area came on top. it doesn't count stock options. you won't be able to use that hard-earned money to buy a white iphone any time soon. apple is delaying sales until later this year, releasing a statement today making the white model is more challenging than expected. how much did you spend on your laptop? the indian institute of technology just rolled out a model that costs $35. you heard that right. $35 to put the laptop in the hands of students. it will install broadband internet access in 22,000 of its colleges so students can use the device which can run on solar power. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >>> the wireless industry filed a suit over the new law requiring cell phone stores to post each cell phone's energy level. the industry trade group ctia says posting that information is going to be misleading to consumers. especially into thinking one phone is safer than the other. the objective is to block the law from
. >>> the u.s. house sent the electrical lags that authorizes $60 billion in funding to fight the war in afghanistan. some members of congress hinted at a author row debate of the war and the upcoming election. the measure passed 308-114. meanwhile the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff attacked the 90,000 pages of the report. even though the pentagon said the reports are not top secret. president obama spoke about it for the first time today as w l well. the pentagon is calling private first class bradley manning, a 22-year-old intelligence officer, a person of interest in those leaks. he is being held in kuwait on suspicion in a separate leak. >>> back here at home, course confusion at last week's marathon caused several elite runners to be disqualify. they accidentally cut about a mile off the course. they're actually two san francisco half marathons happening at the same time. they followed them down the wrong course. they climbed over some barriers, inadvertently shortening the race. they said they'll get some better signs the next year. >> that would help. >> yeah, i guess s
. this time, steering problems. mostly avalons are being called in the u.s. and another 16,000 are being recalled in japan. the model years are from tow to 2004. they have a steering lock problem which could lead to a crash. so far no injuries reported. toyota is calling 30,000 lexus models because of different steering models. customers just need to make sure they take their car in for a new part. >>> they're one step closer to making changes on terminal two. it's a new sfo business center. airport spokesperson say they expect terminal 2 to be completed in 2011. virgin america and american airlines are expected to go in and out of that terminal. >>> newpasses will be transferr to the clipper card. they're reusable and people can add money to them whenever they want. >>> 3-d'd lately? blockbuster titles like "toy story," "avatar," and " "despicable me" is making people sick. 3-d isn't for everyone. >> reporter: joshua brown is a filmmaker, a self-proclaimed movie buff but when it comes to a certain type of film he can't bear to look snow after a while it starts to hurt. >> he has a relat
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11